The loop hole was already set in place long before I walked out of my job with the premier district.

While contracted under the previous district, part of my rights as a employee guaranteed that if the district could not provide me with employment as a teacher, I would be placed on a call back list.  When a teaching position did become available, I’d then be called to fill the position.

Maybe it wasn’t so much a miracle as it was my lack of knowing my rights as an educator but either way, I was back in the game.

My six weeks of praying payed off.  After I got the courage to sign up as a substitute teacher with the previous district, human resources called to offer me a full time contracted position.  I took it.

After Thanksgiving break I’d start back at a new school with a new position, once again the Lord had provided.


A 43 year man shedding and blogging about the last 43 years of his life.

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