(Spiritual benchmark is used as a way to reflect on the three previous blog posts.)

In the day to day steps of life’s journey, a human-being requires coping strategies.  Throughout life, these coping strategies take on different forms.  When I was in my twenties, I had so much energy, I could stay up all night drinking and wake up the next day for an eight hour shift with only and hour of sleep.

Back then, unlike today, a two day recovery plan for late night shenanigans wasn’t necessary.  If anything, it was life that needed to learn how to cope with me.

As I matured in age, I didn’t know quirky habits or full blown addictions were ways in which people dealt with the heaviness of being human.

Once I passed my mid thirties and the party and club scene started to wane, I couldn’t keep up anymore.  My professional life required eight hours of sleep and my body’s lack of tolerance for liquor started to show.  New heavier responsibilities started to take over as well. With the stress of work, my stomach started to fight back with bouts of acid reflux.

I was definitely getting older.

A spiritual season was ending and a new one was on the horizon but the only way life could get me to respond was through pain.

Pain is always a signal for life, death and resurrection.



A 43 year man shedding and blogging about the last 43 years of his life.

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