The outside sky lead me to a beautiful afternoon in September when we decided to meet up for our first date.  It wasn’t so much a date as it was a get to know you type of introduction.  As always, if the date went well, we’d set up something more formal for a later time.

I always like to dress my best for a date so I suggested we meet up after work.  Since we were both teachers, our routine had some similarities.  I chose a white button down shirt with a pair of casual gray slacks.  I felt confident and ready to be lead.

When he showed up, he was completely dressed down: a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes.  When I look back, he was who he was…and nobody else.  Our dinner conversation flowed very easily; I believe it was due to the fact that John is very happy in his profession and was excited to have met someone as well.

Although I had agreed to the date, I wasn’t really looking for anything serious.  Back in 2013, I started a new position with a new district which was very challenging and required a lot of personal time.  I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to fit a new relationship into the one was I was already creating with my job.  As always, both require large amounts of time.

After the date was over we agreed to another date…but I wasn’t really interested in pursuing it.

A 43 year man shedding and blogging about the last 43 years of his life.

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